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Robison has written fourteen novels, including three for the local market, six for the national market, one indie, three ghostwriting projects, and one co-writing gig. He's won lots of awards and stuff.


I have a lovely wife, Erin, and three great kids. My oldest just turned sixteen, and does not yet have her drivers license, thank goodness. She makes videos, including one with 125,000 views. My second kid plays every game on every kind of device, and knows more about Pokemon than his dad, and he rolls his eyes every time I ask what a Jiggly Puff is. My third son is determined to be a YouTuber in his future, though he has no idea what that means.


I work, like a shmuck. I received my MBA in 2009, and have spent the majority of my time in the tech consumer industry, managing products and leading teams.


I make stuff in my spare time. I have oil painted since I was eleven, and was once apprenticed to the artistic director at a theater. I like making stuff, but not anything that you'd ever need.

A chilling, masterful debut. With its clever premise, quick pace, and easy-to-champion characters, Wells’ story is a fast, gripping read with a cliffhanger that will leave readers wanting more.

Publisher's Weekly (starred review)


A thrilling combination of Wells’ trademark twists and terror. Fantastic!

New York Times Bestseller, Ally Condie


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