• Robison Wells

I Could Do That

One of my favorite artists is Mark Rothko, which I think I've mentioned here before. When I first encountered a Rothko in person, close up, swallowed up in it the way it's supposed to be experienced, I nearly cried. Some people think this is weird, because Rothko is often criticized as one of those artists where "I could do that." It's just bands of color on a huge canvas. But it's so much more than that.

Another artist who I connect strongly with is Agnes Martin, was inspired by Rothko, saying he "reached zero so that nothing could stand in the way of truth." She was a minimalist like him, and I've fallen in love with her work. Part of it is being entranced with her paintings, but part of it is having a strange connection to her--she had schizophrenia, like me, and she lived in Cuba, NM, where I served part of my mission.

Her paintings are very minimal, just lines and the tiniest of colors, representing abstract concepts, like innocence. I'm most in love with her series of paintings that I find similar to the Platonic ideal of a object, only instead of presenting a perfect replica of that object, she paints what that object evokes emotionally.

The painting posted here is on display at the MoMA and is titled "Stone" and I love it.

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