• Robison Wells

"Golden Embers" by Mandolin Orange

So, I know that I've already given Mandolin Orange a Weekly Pick spot, but the new album blows me away enough to deserve another. The new song, "Golden Embers", from Tides of a Teardrop is beautiful and haunting and another masterpiece; it has, arguably, more musical quality than "Wildfire", but with emotion that is more personal and stirring. Andrew Marlin's guitar and vocals are good as always, but this song belongs to Emily Frantz and her fiddle.

The lyrics are heartbreaking. They're about death and love and memory, the title referring to the refrain "her memory will ever shine like golden embers in the night." I love how they hit on tiny moments where you remember a lost loved one--that feeling that comes over you when you are doing a mundane task and suddenly reminded of someone now gone, and you're flooded with emotion.

"I miss the old hens, when she used to sing The sparrows spread their mortal wings. Now they've all lighted with the silence of strings Like notes on the pages, she breathed life into all things."

There's an official video, which is heartbreaking, but I love the studio video more:

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