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Feedback jkt des3.inddBenson Fisher escaped from Maxfield Academy’s deadly rules and brutal gangs.

Or so he thought.

But now Benson is trapped in a different kind of prison: a town filled with hauntingly familiar faces. People from Maxfield he saw die. Friends he was afraid he had killed.

They are all pawns in the school’s twisted experiment, held captive and controlled by an unseen force. As he searches for answers, Benson discovers that Maxfield Academy’s plans are more sinister than anything he imagined—and they may be impossible to stop.

Variant blew readers away with its breakneck pacing, flawless plotting, and impossibly high stakes. It earned starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and VOYA, which described it as “an exciting, edge-of-your-seat read that combines psychological themes from works like Lord of the Flies, The Hunger Games, and Ender’s Game in a truly unique way.”

In Feedback, Robison Wells delivers all the answers you’ve been craving—with enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing until the very last page.

Reviews of Feedback

“Picking up only moments after the first book ends, this book features the same nonstop, breathless pace, adding new dimension to old characters and  new plot twists that are hard to see coming. The often violent action flows logically from the plot.

“An absorbing read that won’t let fans of the first down.”

—Kirkus Reviews

58 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Hello Robison. I’m a huge fan of your novels, especially Variant and Feedback, but I’m from Spain and I’ve just read the first one, Variant (Diferente) and I NEED to read the second. I NEED to know if Feedback is going to be published in spanish and when. Because the book was suppousedly being translated to spanish… ASAP please.

  2. Feedback and Varient were so good, but I don’t feel like it had enough closer. I heard you wrote an epilogue for feedback but I cant find it. It would be wonderful if you could put in on the website or sent to me. :)

  3. There HAS to be a third book. Feedback resolved some of the questions I had, but also introduced SO MANY new ones. Please write a third book!

  4. I agree… Feedback kind of left me hanging. Did the government help them? What about the president’s daughters? I need to know!!!! Please write a third book!!!!!

  5. Loved both variant and feedback, both were very fast paced and not a boring part in all the pages. Please make a third one tgough, feedback did not end with the sense of resolution I expected.

  6. Please write a third book…. because i cant sleep at night now..Theyre needs to be a third book please make one!!!!

  7. I loved the first one, but the second one was very unsatisfying. Wells, you are quite an amazing author, but this books had a few problems. First: there were parts of the book that seemed to conflict wit its self, or just seemed not to male sense. Second: The ending, while humorous, was almost annoying, as it left questions brought up during the series unanswered. If the book was supposed to be open ended, it should have given some clues for you to make inferences about what happens later, but that just want there. I understand that a third was not an original intention, but it would be astounding if a third was made that answers a lot of questions left.

  8. You should expand the series to the other training facilities with other people just like Benson and Becky who escape and find out more about who is actually in charge.

  9. I’ve read your books and I’m in love with them, they are so adictive, I finish variant in one single day! and I just wanted to tell you that you should public your books in spanish, please! that would make a really huge difference.

  10. These books had me on the edge of my seat, and I BEG OF YOU to write another!!! I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Gosh… the whole idea of these novels is so original, sure everything comes from somewhere, but this was so… DIFFERENT! I love every bit! But a movie wouldn’t do it enough justice. So no movie. Maybe a mini TV series like Tin Man?

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  12. Hi my name is Thomas and if u ever read this i would really appreciate it if u took my request into consideration! I know it is a lot to ask and this is just some other fan’s comment but if u could make a movie series from the Variant books! Mr Wells i have been wanting to contact u about this for a while and it would just be so AWESOME to have Variant moves! Please think about this and thank you for writing such a AMAZING series!!! Sincerely,
    Thomas H.

  13. Dear Mr. Wells
    I love this book and I love Variant too, I’d just like to know why Oakland died. He was, actually is, my favourite character. Please reply to this or any of my other comments. I’d really like to know why he died and what his actual name was.

  14. im waiting for the sequel you cant just end the book like that i mean come on give us something another training facility or fisher telling the world and his life after come on man you just don’t end a series like that.

  15. Dear Mr. Wells,
    I enjoyed your books “Variant” and “Feedback” thoroughly. I loved it! It was one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read! Although normally I read classics and non-fiction, your books have inspired me to pursue an interest in both teen fiction, and writing. I loved this book, and soon hope to read blackout, though there is surely no way it can surpass the variant series in my eyes. I do very much hope for a film of these novels, and please, please I beg of you, write more instalments of the variant series! I fell in love with your stories and characters! if you would honour me with a reply, I would be grateful.

    Thank you,

    • There currently are no plans for additional books, or for a movie. (I’d LOVE for there to be a movie, but that’s out of my hands.) As for additional books, that was the publisher’s decision. I’m glad you loved the VARIANT books so much, but may I suggest you try the BLACKOUT books?


  17. I think you need to have a book that tells whether or not they succeeded and what happens when their in the reall world, I only say this because I love variant and feedback, and am not sure if blackout is part of the same series, I’m hoping it is,

  18. I love this book! It’s the best book I have ever read! I was so amazed when feedback came out! Becky and Benson are such a cute couple! Please please write a third book! PLEASE! I can’t live without another book.

  19. Hello Robison wells,
    I am Hailey and I honestly have a passion for your books variant and feedback I also have just started to read black out which is also very good so far. But I was wondering if there were any plans for a 3rd book or a possible epilogue because I think me and many readers of your amazing books would be very happy if there were. By the way I know a lot of people would love a movie as well as i truly would but I understand that is a little out of your reach. Any way I love your books and your books make me so happy and I honestly am Abel to escape the world and go into a whole other world so thank you !
    Hailey a loving reader

  20. Variant was a wonderfully written book and I’m in the middle of Feedback as we speak. I have high hopes that you will someday write a third thriller!

  21. I loved Variant! I was very excited to read feedback, but then I found out you weren’t continuing the series broke my heart and finishing it. The ending is left with so many unanswered questions. Please please PLEASE make a third book. I feel like something is missing in my life without a third book.


  23. Mr. Wells,

    Let me first say how much I enjoyed reading Variant and Feedback. They were both amazing and I plan to read them again several times in the future. Now for what I really want (and something I’m sure you get asked a lot). What happened at the end of Feedback?!?! I am SO confused. What was that huge glass window in the computer room? What was behind it? What was with the black water? Who was that man? Who was controlling all of the androids? For what purpose? Why would they want to replace people?

    Yes, I know many of these questions are probably ones you wanted to leave unanswered for your readers to guess for themselves but I’m having trouble with that glass window and what was behind it.

    Maybe if there was a third book I could live without these answers. However, until then I will fight for these answers! :)

    Again, I loved these books and look forward to reading some more of your work since these were my first reads by you! Thanks for an awesome story!

    Lee Ellen

  24. i really enjoyed Variant and Feedback. I would loved to see Variant as a movie (it’ll be soo cool) i really want to see a third one too. one of my classmates are currently reading Variant and she sits right in front of me. i feel so jelly because its like my fave book of all time. Mr. Robison Wells you are like my fave author

  25. I couldn’t put your book down. It was so different and suspenseful! I was really disappointed with the ending, it left me hanging….what actually happened at the end, I just don’t get it?

  26. I’m sorry, but I am truly disturbed at the fact that there is NO third book to this sequel. Please tell me it’s a joke, and you are secretly, surprisingly going to do a third book after all so we can sleep at night satisfied! ?!? That was so not a fair ending to us!!! Why!?!? Lol.

  27. I really like your writing, you really made me feel for the characters, especially benson and jane. Which brings me to my issue…as I read through both books, I started to fall a little bit in love with jane. Silly, I know. As such, this took me in an emotional roller coaster. First, she died. Then, she’s a robot. Then it turns out she is actually alive and linked to the robot emotionally! Yay! But wait, benson likes Becky now. To be honest, I was heart broken when benson chose Becky over jane. Janes character seemed very kind, genuine, and innocent. I lived the growing romance between her and benson. Also I am partial to red heads :) I wish you could write an alternate ending just for us Jane fans. Oh well, I have to go cry now.

  28. I love this book and hope that you will make another but if not do you think you could answer some of the questions that the book creates

  29. Variant was well written I loved every part about it, and I can’t wait until the third book. Please answer all the questions people are left with in the second book. I have read many books that are awesome but their endings are very disappointing. This is by far my favorite series. The series keeps on getting better and better. Good luck on the third book, and I hope you do a fantastic job. (PLEASE WRITE IT ASAP BECAUSE IT’S KILLING ME JUST TO THINK ABOUT BOOK THREE;).

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